H.B. Williams Elementary








Aug K

  Hadley, Samantha Maddux, Ellis, CJ, Cannon, Chet


1st Grade

Aug 1st

 Sophia, Sophia, Allie, Callie, Gabriella

Front:  Piper & Ike


2nd Grade

 Aug. 2nd

 Grant, Justin, Violet, Cheyenne, Cameron & Bella


3rd Grade

Aug. 3rd

 Brianna, Avery, Ethan, Reese, Julia & Dani


4th Grade

Aug. 4th

Miles, Ricky, Hunter, Edi, Jordyn & Drew

 Sept appletree


 k Sept

 Back:  Scarlett, Analiese, Kensley, Conner

Front:  Oliver & Wyatt


1st Grade

 1st Sept

  Back:  Knox, Carter, Durham, Isaiah

Front:  Caelum & Lennon


2nd Grade

2nd Sept

 Front:  Shelby, Briley, Kendall, Campbell

Back:  Jace & Maddox


3rd Grade

3rd Sept

 Lexi, Samantha, Tyler, David


4th Grade

4th Sept

Front:  Alyssa, Emily, Addison, 

Back:  Rex, Cale & Hayden 



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 K Oct

 Front:  Levi, Jack, Emmalyn, Bella

Back:  SarahParker, Ezekiel & Carter


1st Grade

1st Oct 

 Front:  Camden,  Kaden, Carlito

Back:  Vivian, Lulu, Olivia, Ava


2nd Grade

 2nd Oct

 Front:  Caroline, Mallory, Michelle, Izzy

Back:  Haven & Alyse


3rd Grade

3rd Oct 

 Front:  Lily, Logan, Naomi, Culley

 Back:  Jackson & Kayli


4th Grade

 4th Oct

Front:  Taylor, Briley, Jordan, 

Back:  Isabel & Luke





Pre School & Kindergarten

 Nov. K 1594

Back:  Bennett (PS), Jayne, Josie, Coraline, Rafe

Front:  Tyler, Dawsen , Jordan  


1st Grade

Nov. 1st 1598 

 Evie, Ember, Bradley, Zoey, Josie, Amelia


2nd Grade

 Nov. 2nd 1599

Back:  Addalin, Presley, Gracey, Paisley, Karah Ann

Front:  Chance  


3rd Grade

 Nov. 3rd 1601

 Back:  Jack, Lucas, Edolie, Olivia

Front:  Ty & Talen


4th Grade

 Nov. 4th 1603

 Vernon, Carlos, Nic, Aspen, Kelsey


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Dec K 2088 

Front: Chrysta, Danica, Danielle, Laynee

Back:  Garrett, Jacob, Montgomery 


1st Grade

 Dec 1st 2089

Front:  Gabby, Allyson, Lily, Keelie

Back:  Jaycie, Colt, Jacob


 2nd Grade

 Dec 2nd 2092

 Front: Haley, Addison, Autumn, Anna

Cailyn & Matthew


3rd Grade

Dec 3rd 2093 

 Savannah, Miley, Kaydence

Tanner & Luke


4th Grade

 Dec 4th 2098

 Aliyah, Brook-Lynn, Kaylee

Layla, Trenton, Easton

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Preschool & Kindergarten

 Jan K 2101

 Avery-Preschool, Case, Sophia, Tyanna

Easton, Trey, Aydenn, Addison


1st Grade

 Jan 1st 2104

 Eli, Cora, Cadyn, Karla

Peyton, Ava, Hayden


2nd Grade

 Jan 2nd 2106

 Ada, Nathan, Daniel

Trent, Micah, Ethan


3rd Grade

 Jan 3rd 2107

 Maggie, Elsie, Shayne

Caden, Aaron, Faraji


4th Grade

Jan 4th 2110

 Alexis, Brayden, Bianca

Braiden, Tulip, Brae-Lynn

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 Feb. K

Front:  Shiloh, Bayleigh, Dalton, Train

Back:  Lily, Addy, Miles



1st Grade

 Feb. 1st

 Front:  Lilah, Garrett, Samuel, Jace

Back:  Caiden & Lane


2nd Grade

Feb 2nd 

 Front:  Campbell, Rian, Kaydence

Back:  Makenzi & Bella


3rd Grade


Front:  Julian, Alexandria, Brielle

Back:  Lina, Abbie, Chloe


4th Grade

Feb 4th 

 Front:  Samuel, Emilie, Moss

Back:  Maelea, Lily, Kaylann




 Mar. K

 Front:  Colbie, Rowyn, Marlee

Back:  Lane, Leverett, Chase, Ryder


1st Grade

 Mar. 1st

 Front:  Kara, Easton, Ava, Olivia

Back:  Joseph, Averie, Presley


2nd Grade

 Mar. 2nd

 Front:  Chase, Gabe, Briar

Back:  Jose, Jett, William


3rd Grade

 Mar. 3rd

 Front:  Kyle, Emely, Karlee

Back:  Kaydance, Clay, Kaylee


4th Grade

Mar. 4th 

 Front:  Alex, Logan, Coda

Back:  Lexie. Eric Lee, Payton

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 Apr K

Back:  Alondria, Paxton, Erin, Allie, Anslie, Wyatt Jackson

Front:  Harper

 1st Grade

Apr 1st

Back:   Abbey, Ava, Graceyn, Ashtyn, Milla

Front:  Omar


2nd Grade

 Apr 2nd

Back:  Ava, Lilly, Harmoney, London

Front:  Brodie & Colton


3rd Grade 


 Apr 3rd

 Brayden, Brayden, Sadie, Lucy


4th Grade


 Apr 4th

 Graham, Luci, Laurel, Maddie, Bella, Adam

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 M K

Chance, Layne, Gabe, Bryson


1st Grade

 M 1st

Back:  Kailee, Addy, Elijah, Victoria, Elana

Front:  Wyatt & Jacob


 2nd Grade

 M 2nd

Julius, Mallory, Cora, Lydia, Khloe, Chase


3rd Grade

 M 3rd

Camden. Alyssa, Jayden, Ashleigh, Elsa, Tyler


4th Grade

M 4th

Zane, Zuleyma, Rylee, Cairistine, Alex  

H. B. Williams Elementary Mission Statement:

At H. B. Williams Elementary, our goal and commitment is to provide our children a safe and caring environment.  We strive to challenge our students to learn and develop at the very highest level.  

H. B. Williams Elementary Vision Statement:

As I strive to do my best every day, my school promises to lead me in academic learning and personal growth. Teachers, staff, and community combine resources to responsibly prepare me for my future.