H.B. Williams Elementary
  • 2nd Grade Nominees for Wheels in Motion for 2018-19
    2nd Grade Nominees for Wheels in Motion for 2018-19
  • Arbor Day Celebration
    Arbor Day Celebration
  • Mrs. Thurman's Class
    Mrs. Thurman's Class
  • Randy Allen with Grandson Walker
    Randy Allen with Grandson Walker
  • Bus Drivers help Buster teach School Bus Safety
    Bus Drivers help Buster teach School Bus Safety
  • Buster helping students learn about School Bus Safety
    Buster helping students learn about School Bus Safety
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August K

Malaya, Bristol, Zoey, Aubrey, Amy, Norah


1st Grade

 August 1st

 Kinsley, Emmalyn, Caitlyn, Ellis, Harper, Analiese, Maddux


2nd Grade

 Aug 2nd

 Vivian, Raya, Vivian, Sophia, Kaylee


3rd Grade

 Aug 3rd

Jace, Maddox, Haven, River, Logan, Jude 


4th Grade

 Aug 4th

 Kayli, Jonah, Bennett, Carlie, Alyssa, David

 Sept appletree


Sept. K

 Front:  Emma, Ivony, Tinley, Keeley

Back:  Aubriana, Gabe, Kannan


1st Grade

Sept. 1st

 Front:  Levi, Carter, Dawson, Canon

Back:  Sidder & Anslie


2nd Grade

Sept. 2nd

Front:  Piper & Bryleigh

Back:  Jacob, Ike, Samuel, Caelum 



3rd Grade

 Sept. 3rd

 Front:  Rian, Caroline, Campbell, Cailyn

Back:  Chloe & Landry


4th Grade

Sept. 4th

 Front:  Maggie, Elsie, Jack, Max

Back:  Olivia & Jackson


 October 1


 Preschool & Kindergarten 

Oct K

Preschool - Emma,

Parker, Cooper, Gavin, Chaney, Teagan 



1st Grade

Oct 1st 

 Sarah Parker, Brooklynn, Chet, Annalyn, Paxton, Aubrey


2nd Grade

 Oct 2nd

 Graceyn, Cora, Gabby, Josie, Camden, Isaiah


3rd Grade

 Oct 3rd

 Back: Daniel, William, Bryson, Isabella

Front:  Cameron & Matthew


4th Grade

 Oct 4th

Back:  Brett Isaiah, Tyler, Chloe

Front:  Logan & Lina 







 Nov K 3488

 Stetson, Everleigh, Brooklyn, Ezekiel, Ryder, Joplin



1st Grade

 Nov 1st 3491

Back:  Tyler, Tuff, Layne

Front:  Hope & Aniyah 


2nd Grade

 Nov 2nd 3493

 Back:  Omar, Knox, Caiden, 

Front:  Lulu, Ember, Sophia


3rd Grade

 Nov 3rd 3497

 Back:  Mallory, Bella, Alyse

Front:  Chase, Sunny, Shelby


4th Grade

 Nov 4th 3500

 Back:  Abbie, Julia, Howard

Front:  Shayne & Emely


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Preschool & Kindergarten

Dec K 3669

Back:  Avery (Preschool), Liberty, Brandon, Tucker, Khloe

Front:  Eden, Bella, Jackson


1st Grade

Dec 1st 3673 

 Back:  Claire, Sophia, Coraline, Belen, Addilynn

Front:  Reid & Trey


2nd Grade

 Dec 2nd 3676

 Back:  Abby, Lane, Gabriella, Hayden

Front:  Garrett & Dylan


3rd Grade

 DEC 3rd 3678

 Back:  Makenzie, Addalin, Paislee, Riley

Front:  Micah & Jose



4th Grade

 DEC 4th 3683

 Back:  Tanner, Lucas, Dean, Luke

Front:  Kaylee & Lily


january clipart


 Jan K 3684

Back:  Jason, Peyton, Owen, Jayden

Front:  Leighton & Nate 


1st Grade

 JAN 1st 3687

Back:  Jordan, Chance, Oliver, Jack

Front:  Kennedy, Addison, Lilliana 


2nd Grade


 Jan 2nd 3692

 Back:  Averie, Allyson, Lucy

Front:  Easton, Bradley, Gibson


3rd Grade

Jan 3rd 3693

RaeLynn, MaKenzie, Anna, London, Violet


4th Grade

Jan 4th 3697 

Back:  Kaydence, Lucy, Piper, Miley

Front:  Lexi & Maddox 


february clip art


Feb K

Back:  Maci, Piper, Sophie, Kylee, Larissa

Nora & Max 

1st Grade


 Feb 1st

 Back:  Cove, Jagger, Erin, Dani, Samantha

Kinsley & Bayleigh


2nd Grade

Feb 2nd 

Back:  Ava, Ava, Lexi, Zoey

Elijah & Callie


3rd Grade

 Feb 3rd

Back: Harmoney, Alaina, Sarah, Kyla

Mark, Maddin, Chris


4th Grade

 Feb 4th

 Back:  Ethan, Jacob, Elsa, Samantha

Julian, Landon, Brendon




 Mar K

 Back:  Jase, Brooklyn, Toby, Inger, Hayden

Ellie & Adeline


1st Grade


 Mar 1st

Back:  Chrysta, Ava, Danica

Gabe & Carter 


2nd Grade

 Mar 2nd

 Back:  Amaryn, Ashtyn, Katie, Allie

Lennon, Hoyt, Elijah


3rd Grade

 Mar 3rd

Back:   Cora, Michelle, Brianna, Haley

Grant, Luther, Brodie

4th Grade

Mar 4th 

 Back:  Gavin, Reese, Lily, Culley

Brandon & Cooper

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 1st Grade



2nd Grade


3rd Grade 



4th Grade



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1st Grade



 2nd Grade



3rd Grade



4th Grade


H. B. Williams Elementary Mission Statement:

At H. B. Williams Elementary, our goal and commitment is to provide our children a safe and caring environment.  We strive to challenge our students to learn and develop at the very highest level.  

H. B. Williams Elementary Vision Statement:

As I strive to do my best every day, my school promises to lead me in academic learning and personal growth. Teachers, staff, and community combine resources to responsibly prepare me for my future.