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Tennessee Celebrates 2017 Reward Schools

On October 20th, Education Commissioner, Candice McQueen, announced Tennessee’s 2017 Reward schools. There was a total of 169 schools out of 1833 that achieved this honor. We are extremely proud to be one of the 10 schools in Sumner County that were named a Reward school.

In accordance with Tennessee’s accountability system, the TN Dept. of Education names Reward, Priority and Focus schools.

H B Williams was among 7 Sumner County schools that received the Reward Performance Award. According to their website (http://www.tn.gov/education/article/2017-school-accountability), it states:

Reward Schools: Reward schools include the top 10 percent of schools based on at least one of two pathways:

  • Reward Performance: Five percent of schools with the highest success rates in the state.

  • Reward Progress: Five percent of schools with the highest progress in the state (using one-year TVAAS index values).

We are extremely proud of our students, teachers and faculty here at H B Williams. Without the hard work, dedication and love for teaching that our staff has, this honor would not be possible.


H. B. Williams Elementary Mission Statement:

At H. B. Williams Elementary our goal and commitment is to provide our children a safe and caring environment.  We strive to challenge our students to learn and develop at the very highest level.  

H. B. Williams Elementary Vision Statement:

My school promises to lead me in learning by joining together teachers, staff and community as we combine our resources responsibly preparing me for my future.