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Student Handbook














     H. B. Williams Elementary School is a community school where your child can grow from kindergarten through fourth grade. Our purpose is to help children to learn the basics, to encourage a healthy respect for self and others, and to enrich and involve children in order to kindle an internal desire for future learning and growth.


     You are a member of the team required to make each child’s school experience a success.  Parents are invited to help as school volunteers, to join the Parent Teacher Organization, to serve as room parents or to help with special events.  Your help at home helps ensure success at school.  Please provide your child a quiet place to work, listen to your child read, read to them, pass along your family’s tradition, and determine your family rules and follow them.


     We look forward to a close relationship with you and your child.  Please familiarize yourself with this handbook, as it is intended to help you get to know the school and how it works.  Call or email your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding school procedures or your child’s progress.  If we can be of help in any way, please let us know.




Mr. Jeff Witt, Principal

           E-mail:  jeff.witt @sumnerschools.org




School Office         672-6432

Fax                             672-0996                                                                            

Cafeteria                  672-6434

Backpacks               672-0211













Dear Parents,


     The school bell rings in excitement and challenges and it is my hope that H. B. Williams Elementary School will meet and exceed your expectations.  It is our desire to create a school in which all stakeholders have a reason to be proud of the school and where a collective goal of achievement is shared.

     As your child enters the doors to our school it is our hope that students have a sense of confidence that they will enter a safe environment and with the expectation that he or she will be working toward the firm goal of graduation and to an excellent future.  Please contact me if I can assist you and your child to be the best they can be!


                                      Highest Regards,

                                      Janet Orndorff

                                     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

                                      School-(615) 672-6432


P.S. We love Volunteers!  Please let me know that you are willing to serve and we will be honored to use your talents. 









  1…………………………..  Note from the Principal                                          

  2…………………………..  Note from the Assistant Principal

  3…………………………..  Table of Contents

  4…………………………..  Attendance

  5…………………………..  Tardies

  5………………………….. Backpacks    

  6…………………………..  Cafeteria

  7…………………………..  Conferences

  8………………………….. Dress Code

  8………………………….   Emergency Phone Numbers

  9………………………….   Field Trips

  9………………………….   Guidance

  9………………………….   Holiday and Birthday Celebrations

10…………………………. Make-up Work

10…………………………..  Media Center/Library

11…………………………..  Physical Education

11…………………………..  PTO

12…………………………..  Registration

13…………………………..  Report Cards

13 ………………………….  Inclement Weather/ Snow Days

14…………………………..  Special Learning Needs

14…………………………..  Student Health Services

15…………………………..  School-wide Positive Behavior Support

15…………………………..  Telephone Use

16…………………………..  Textbooks

16…………………………..  Transportation

16………………………….. Bus Rider

17…………………………..  Day Care and Car Riders

18…………………………..  Volunteers and Parents-A Child’s First Teacher

19…………………………..  Important Phone Numbers

20………………………….. Acknowledgement of 2015-2016 Student Handbook














     Sumner County School Board policy regarding attendance is the guide for all county schools.  After five or more attendance events (tardy, absence, early dismissal), parents are notified of the accumulation.  The attendance officers for the county are prompt about following up on concerns in any of these areas.  Perfect attendance awards are given at the end of the year to those children who have been counted present on every school day.  We are proud of these boys and girls (and parents)!

Tardies and early dismissals will impact perfect attendance.




     All students are legally required to attend school each day that school is in session.  We do understand there are times when attending is impossible.  In those cases, a parent note or doctor excuse is required.


     Each student is allowed 5 parent notes per semester. August – December is the first semester, and January – May is the second semester. If a child misses a whole week and a parent note is sent, that note is counted as 5 parent notes.  Once five notes have been sent, doctor excuses are required. Calling in to the office does not count as a parent note or doctor excuse. Written documentation from the parent or doctor is necessary.  Any days not accounted for are considered unexcused absences.  After 5 unexcused absences, the student is referred to the attendance officer.


Suggestion: Use your parent notes for a stomach virus, a cold or a funeral. Use doctor notes for all other - strep, ear infections, sinus infections, surgeries, etc.


Note: Vacations or going out of town require a parent note in advance which will use up your parent notes.




     Parents must sign children out for early dismissal.  Please remember when scheduling appointments that every minute of the learning day is planned and important.  Leaving early denies children access to learning and disrupts the classes in progress.  Any student checked out prior to 10:45 a.m. will be counted absent for the entire day.  Each early checkout is counted as a negative attendance event. A parent note or doctor’s excuse is required.













     Please make every attempt to have your child in the building by 7:00. Due to classes beginning promptly at 7:15, students need to be in their classrooms by 7:15.Arriving late causes the student to get behind on their daily assignments, as well as, it disrupts the class.

All students running late must be signed in by the person bringing them to school.  If your child is late due to a doctor or dentist appointment, you must provide a doctor/dentist excuse. Parent’s notes are not accepted for being tardy. Each time your child receives 5 unexcused tardies, you will receive a letter.


     If your child receives 5 unexcused tardies, you will receive a notice. 


Note: The letters you receive from the school regarding unexcused absences, tardies or early dismissals are your warnings for truancy and possibly appearing in court.








     H. B. Williams Elementary School provides after school child care for those families who are interested in a quality program in a safe environment.  Many of our working parents take advantage of this program which provides a fun atmosphere for play, both indoor and outdoor, and for additional learning in areas which add to the school day program.  Time each day is spent doing homework. Snacks are provided.



   “BACKPACKS” is our name and we are here to serve you. Rates are reasonable, staff is experienced, and the program is licensed by the State of Tennessee.  Our program begins at

2:15 for Kindergarten - 4th.  We end our day at 6:00pm.




Please call 672-0211 for details.







     A nutritious breakfast and lunch are served daily.  Children are encouraged to participate in the lunch program.  Meals may be paid for daily, weekly or monthly.  Please specify money going into your child’s breakfast, lunch or a la carte account.  Our lunchroom staff record deposits. Meal costs are subtracted from the balance in your child’s accounts.  Applications for free or reduced priced lunches are available upon request in the school office.  The Mealpay Plus program is also available (www.mypaymentsplus.com).  It is an online service and phone app that provides a way to manage your child’s meal account.  It eliminates the need to send cash or checks to school with your child.


     The menus are provided each month in advance on-line at sumnerschools.nutrislice.com   Occasionally there will be changes due to delivery problems.  Two entrees are served daily with a variety of side items. Milk and juices are available for purchase daily. 


     Please alert your child’s teacher to any food allergies.






     Students will be allowed 5 charges. We do our best to notify parents on the day your child charges and the charge should be paid the next day. You will need to provide your child with a breakfast, lunch and drink until all charges have been paid.


     Please help your child remember his/her money. We want to provide the opportunity for every child to purchase breakfast and lunch from the cafeteria, however, the school cannot absorb the cost of student charges. Thank you for your cooperation.  



Cafeteria phone number: 672-6434 or www.mypaymentsplus.com












Be Respectful

                      Be respectful to the adults in charge, to other children, and to yourself.


Be Responsible

Clean up after yourself and take only one napkin and one straw (per drink).



Be Safe

Follow the directions of the adults in charge.



    Family members are invited to eat with the children. Special days will be set aside as well for  parents and grandparents to join the youngsters at mealtime.











     If you need a conference with a teacher or administrator, please call, email or write a note to make an appointment.  Teachers need to be with students when the school day begins and during dismissal.  Conferences need to be scheduled during the teacher’s planning time.  Parent-teacher conference times will also be scheduled during the year.  The teachers and staff are concerned about keeping you informed of your child’s progress and maintaining an open line of communication.  We need to be sure instructional time is protected.













     Children and adults will be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness, neatness, and appropriate standards of dress and appearance. Clothing which is too casual or too revealing may detract from planned learning.  Parents will be called to bring a change of clothing if students are not dressed according to these guidelines. Please monitor what your children wear to school.  The following dress code has been adopted. 


Items below shall not be worn to school:

  1. *Spandex biker shorts, body suits, or shirts
  2. *Leggings or leotards, unless covered by a fingertip length over     
  3. *Saggy/sagging pants which drag the ground
  4. *Clothing carrying suggestive slogans/pictures, ads for tobacco or alcohol
  5. *Strapless tops
  6. *Bare midriff, halters or tank tops
  7. *Backless shoes, cleated shoes, wheelies, flip flops, stack heels.

 Consider your child’s safety during physical activity when selecting shoes.

  1. *Unnatural/ extreme hair color, glitter, make-up, tattoos, stickers, face paint


In addition, the following guidelines shall be enforced:

  1. *Mesh shirts may be worn over another T-shirt
  2. *Garments must cover the shoulders and mid-section
  3. *Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length


This is not an all-inclusive list but the choices listed above are important because they involve safety and learning distractions. The school will determine what constitutes a distraction.



NOTE: Many children have identical items. Please write your child’s name in all jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes and backpacks.  Unclaimed items will be given to needy children in middle Tennessee.





     Please provide the office with two emergency contact phone numbers on the registration card.  If you change jobs during the year, please notify the school office of your new number.  Similarly, if you have a change of address, please inform the office of the new address and phone number. Change of address requires two proofs of residence. If your child has an emergency at school we need to be able to reach you or a responsible person quickly.  The school cannot authorize emergency care in case of serious injury; therefore, we need to be able to contact you or your designee quickly.  A relative, close friend or neighbor is suggested as an emergency contact.


                           Field Trips   


     Field trips are an extension and enrichment of the school’s curriculum at each grade level. Students will ride to and from the field trip on the designated transportation. Parents are often invited to help chaperone field trips; however, sometimes the number of adults may be limited.  Only students enrolled at H.B. Williams Elementary are allowed on the field trips.








     H. B. Williams Elementary is fortunate to have the full-time service of a certified school counselor whose role is to assist children with personal crises, and to discuss issues relating to academic performance, relationship skills and personal decision making.  Our program is both developmental and preventive in nature.  Children, teachers and parents may all seek help from our guidance staff for counseling needs.  The guidance program includes individual counseling, small groups and whole class sessions.  If you have any questions regarding the content or approaches used by our counselor, please call the school at 672-6432 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and she will be glad to speak with you.







    Teachers and room parents plan classroom parties for students who wish to participate in holiday celebrations. Teachers designate how their class will celebrate.   

    We ask parents to refrain from sending any special delivery gifts, floral or balloon bouquets to school.  While the school appreciates the joy intended to be bestowed upon the child, these gifts can create problems and cause hurt and sorrow for others.  Sharing birthday treats with all children is felt to be appropriate and is welcomed. Be aware of food allergies!






                MAKE-UP WORK


It is the child’s responsibility to prepare all work assignments missed and to arrange with the teacher for making up projects and tests. Make-up work should be completed within a reasonable time for it to be of any benefit to the child.

If you plan to pick up assignments after the third day of absence, please notify the office by

8:00 a.m. of the third day.

Parents may not interrupt a class to obtain a child’s work.

 Books and materials accidentally left at school may not be retrieved after school hours.



                           MEDIA CENTER / LIBRARY    


     The Media Center at H.B. Williams strives to support the curriculum being taught at the school as well as recreational reading.


     All students checking out books are responsible for their care. Replacement cost will be charged for lost or damaged books.  This policy is to help each child learn responsibility and to maintain the library collection.








     The physical education program at H.B. Williams will include skills, concepts, games, educational gymnastics, rhythm, and dance experiences to promote motor, social, mental, and physical fitness development of every child.


     Children should feel good about themselves and experience success in physical education class. The age and individual needs of the child are considered when planning physical education and active participation in these and other activities at school and at home are essential to good health.


     Comfortable clothes and sturdy tennis shoes are essential.  Please send a note regarding your child’s medical problems and/or limitations in the P.E. program.








     H. B. Williams Elementary has an active Parent -Teacher Organization which meets on the second Tuesday of each month.  You are urged to become an active member of this organization and give your time, talents, and skills to benefit our school, community, and society.











      Each child in Tennessee schools must present to the school a copy of the official State of Tennessee health record indicating which immunizations a child has had, and that a physical examination has been completed.  This card may be obtained from the Health Department or your pediatrician.  Children moving to Tennessee from another state must present the Tennessee form before they may attend school.




     Children enrolling in kindergarten must be five (5) years of age by August 15.  Beginning first graders must be six (6) years of age by the same date.




     All families enrolling children at H. B. Williams Elementary must live within the zone determined by the Sumner County Board of Education.  Children must attend school in the zone where the legal guardian resides. Parents must provide 2 proofs of residence that are current and a photo ID to identify themselves as the parent/legal guardian. Your 2 proofs of residence must be an electric, water, gas, mortgage, sewer, lease agreement, or landline telephone. Notarized letters or typed/ handwritten letters from the land owner are not accepted. Students considered Out of Zone must seek permission to attend H.B.Williams from the principal as well as, complete an out of zone form. Parents will still be required to provide 2 proofs of residence.



     The Sumner County Board of Education requires a certified copy of the birth certificate at the time of registration. This copy should have a state identification number at the top.  A mother’s copy or hospital record of live birth is not acceptable documentation. Passport or Visa will be accepted for children born out of the country.    









     Report cards are sent home every nine weeks. The following grading scale is used uniformly in      Sumner County Schools for grades 3-12.


                   A                 93 – 100

                   B                 85 – 92

                   C                 75 – 84

                   D                 70 – 74

                   F                  below 69


                            Kindergarten through Second Grade will be provided a standard based report card.






Inclement Weather/Snow Days


     If it becomes necessary to postpone school due to bad weather, the announcement will come from the Director of Schools.  This will be broadcasted over local radio and television stations.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OR TEACHERS as they obtain their information from the same sources as you.  If inclement weather is in the forecast, please monitor the radio or television stations during the day for information regarding school closing.  SCHOOL MESSENGER is an automated system that will be used to notify parents of school closing or other important information.  Please keep the school informed of telephone number or email changes so that you can be notified.

   If schools start late, buses will run at the designated later time and children are NOT to report to school until the later time.  If school starts late, dismissal will be at the regular time unless otherwise specified.

     Please make sure you have discussed with your child any special arrangements in the event of early dismissal and that you complete the yellow Early Dismissal form included in your registration packet. Teachers refer to the Early Dismissal form when we need to dismiss early. (Example:car rider, ride the bus home, pickup by a neighbor/ babysitter, etc.)









     Children who have been identified as having special learning needs will be served in the least restrictive environment at H. B. Williams Elementary School.  Services are available in Sumner County for children with all kinds of learning exceptionalities.  Children with more severe disabilities may be served at another school.  If you feel that your child needs more help than is provided in the regular classroom, please speak to your child’s teacher, an administrator, or a member of the special education staff.  A team of professionals will address your concerns.  Parents are members of all decision-making teams.











A licensed nurse is in the building and/or on call for the White House area schools during school hours. Please do not send your child to school to be checked by the school nurse as she is on a part-time basis.

     If your child has special health needs, please notify the school/teacher each year.  Parents will be notified and necessary arrangements made in the event that a child becomes ill during the school day.  Superficial wounds will be cleansed and covered when needed.

          Specific regulations must be followed when it becomes necessary for the school personnel to administer prescription or non-prescription drugs.  Parents must bring in medication for students.  It cannot be sent to school with the child. Forms must be completed by the parent and/or doctor before medication can be administered.  Such medications must be sent in the original prescription bottle, with the child’s name, drug name, dosage and times for administering. 

     Since the issue of head lice surfaces yearly, we ask that parents routinely check each child’s head, especially if the child is scratching frequently.  Children with head lice need a doctor/Health Department note before returning to school. If you need help identifying the problem, please contact the school office. 









School-wide Positive Behavior Support


BEING RESPONSIBLE, BEING RESPECTFUL AND BEING SAFE are students’ expectations and are modeled by our teachers and staff.

     We believe children are capable of making appropriate decisions regarding their actions and their words.  When children feel trusted to make good decisions, they usually do.  Boys and girls will learn the concept of ‘natural consequences’ when their choices are not so wise.  We know parents are supportive of these standards and model them as well.

         When behavior choices reflect decisions contrary to these standards, children can expect there to be consequences.  Many factors play into the nature of consequences -- age, first offense, seriousness of the behavior choice, etc.  Our response to poor choices might be as simple as a spoken correction or as severe as suspension from school attendance.  Parents will be contacted when a child’s choices significantly interfere with the learning process.  You will be asked to help resolve such situations.

          Children consistently making good behavior choices will be acknowledged with awards and other good consequences!









     Messages and deliveries from home should be left in the office. Do not drop by the classroom.  Telephones may be used in the office with teacher or staff permission.   No telephone calls will be allowed in order to make recreational plans. Make sure your child knows the transportation plans each morning for that afternoon.












     Non consumable textbooks are issued to children each year and are furnished free of charge.  Children however, are held responsible for the care of these books and will be charged in the event that they are lost or damaged books. Sumner County furnishes some of your child’s workbooks.  If a workbook is lost or destroyed, parents will need to cover the replacement cost.











     Riding a bus in Sumner County is a privilege maintained by good behavior. Safe riders follow these rules:


  1. *Occupy the seat designated by the driver. Remain seated while the bus is in motion.


  1. *The driver is in charge of the bus and its riders. Children will obey the driverand promptly.


  1. *There will be no horseplay, shouting or other disruptive behavior on the bus or in the school while awaiting the bus. Such behavior endangers the lives of all the riders. Children causing such disruption may be denied the privilege of riding.


  1. *Heads, arms, legs and personal items must remain inside the bus at all times.


  1. *Stand beside the road, never on the road, while waiting for the bus.


Problems arising at bus stops prior to boarding and after discharging are the responsibility of parents.









     If your child attends a day care which transports the children, please notify the center on days when your child is absent from school.  When they are unaware your child is absent, their departure is delayed until the absence is verified.





    The school speed limit is 9 mph. This is to ensure safety for all students.

     No child is to be dropped off at school before 6:45 a.m. Supervision for children is not provided before this time.





   Car riders are dismissed at 2:15p.m. Please pick up your child on time. The office staff will not be available in the afternoons to supervise children being picked up late.





     If a student is to leave during the school day, the parent should come to the office to sign the dismissal log.  The office staff will contact the classroom.  If someone other than a parent/guardian is to pick up a student, it is required that the parent/guardian contact the school beforehand.  We will not knowingly release students to unauthorized persons.  Anyone picking up a child should have a photo ID with them as we may ask for verification.


     In child custody cases where access to children is restricted, a copy of court documents restricting pick up by specific individuals must be on file in the school office.  The school can enforce only those orders for which we have documentation.


     Students are required to go directly home or to a sitter/child care facility after school. Students need to bring a note from home if they are not going their usual destination. When the note/request involves bus transportation, a form will be completed in the front office and given to the bus driver by the student informing the driver of the change and the designated drop off for the student.

How a student is to go home each day needs to be consistent as possible. When transportation isn’t consistent, the student usually becomes confused and upset.









     H. B. Williams Elementary appreciates all parents and grandparents who volunteer to help at school.  Our volunteers assist at the front desk, copy materials, and help in the library / Media Center and in classrooms.  Room mothers and dads are also greatly needed, both at party times and on field trips.  Special events like our fundraisers and field days call for short-term opportunities for service. 

     Volunteers are asked to sign in and out in the office as a security precaution.  Volunteer badges are provided.






©      Provide a quiet place for children to study -- away from the TV or stereo.


©      Read to your child each night. It’s a time they will cherish for a lifetime.


©      Keep adult conversations and worries away from the children. Children often repeat these concerns at school.


©      Make sure your child has a good breakfast each day, and a happy send-off from home.


©      Children need to read every day.  Please give them this opportunity.


©      Memorizing math facts takes your continued help.


©      If you have questions about class work or school procedures, just call us!








Important Telephone Numbers:



Clint Barnes

Assistant Director for Transportation

Sumner County Schools

695 East Main Street

(615) 452-1520



Mr. Rick Eaton

Section 504 Coordinator

Sumner County Schools

695 East Main Street

Gallatin, Tennessee 37066

(615) 451-5231



Mrs. Norma Dam

Assistant Director for Pupil Services

Sumner County Schools

695 East Main Street

Gallatin, Tennessee 37066

(615) 451-5423



Sumner County Board of Education

Main Switchboard

(615) 451-5200























Please Sign and return to your child’s teacher.



Acknowledgement of 2016-2017 Student Handbook


As the parent or legal guardian of the student named below, I have read the policies included in the 2016-2017 Student Handbook. I have discussed these policies with my child and have explained their meaning and associated consequences.



Student Full Name__________________________________________

(Please Print)


Teacher’s Name____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name_______________________________________

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Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________




Student Signature___________________________________________